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Enerchi Medical Clinic specialise in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs, Osteopathy, Counselling Services, and holistic health.


Dr Ruth Brunt (TCM)
Dr Shannon Gibson (TCM)
Dr Helen Lichtenstein (TCM)
Dr Stephanie Luxton (TCM) 
Dr Chamundi Phoenix (TCM)



What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is the use of very fine needles at specific points along the Meridian System throughout the body. This stimulates and regulates the flow of energy through these points.

Acupuncturists see clients for a wide range of conditions; from migraines and chronic pain, to IVF and fertility support, sleep issues and anxiety, to the common cold and flu. Treatment plans are individually tailored to the client upon consultation. Commonly in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), acupuncture and Chinese Herbs are used together for best health outcomes.

What is the Meridian System?

Chinese Medicine works on the premise that energy, or Qi (ch-i), flows through the body via a system of channels known as Meridians. In western medical practice, the Meridian System has been loosely compared to the Central Nervous System or the system of blood-vessels that run throughout the body. There are some acupuncture points along these systems, however the Meridian System encompasses all bodily systems; the Central Nervous System, the Circulatory System, the Metabolic System and the interchange of water or fluids in the body. 

Does Acupuncture Hurt?

The acupuncture needles used are extremely fine and are most commonly painless. There are some acupuncture points around the body that may be more sensitive than others and this can often differ from individual to individual. If you have any queries please feel free to speak to your practitioner at any time.


In a similar way to acupuncture, Moxibustion (moxa) is used on specific Meridian points around the body. However, moxa is cigar-like instrument packed with Chinese herbs with a slow-burn end. This is used to warm the meridian point, there is no skin contact. 


Cupping & Qua-Sa

Another technique used in TCM treatment is cupping and Qua-sa (gwa-sha). Traditionally, cupping is the use of thick-rimmed glass cups vacuumed onto the skin’s surface, often on the back of the body. This is used strategically by TCM practitioners to stimulate Qi, however a common after effect is a sense of calm and relaxation. It’s also common for cups to leave temporary bruise-like marks, these generally clear after a few days.

Qua-sa also stimulates Qi by the use of a china spoon along the Meridian channels across the back and chest.

Cosmetic Acpuncture 

Cosmetic Acupuncture

Drawing on the wisdom of acupuncture, Cosmetic Acupuncture harnesses the body's inherent ability to restore and revitalise.