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Enerchi Medical Clinic specialise in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs, Osteopathy, Counselling Services, and holistic health.

WORKSHOP: The Four Pillars of Health

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WORKSHOP: The Four Pillars of Health

Ella Davies

With Dr Chamundi Phoenix (TCM)

Drawing on over a decade of clinical experience and a lifetime of meditation practice, Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Yoga Teacher Chamundi Phoenix shares key knowledge on four essential areas of health and wellbeing.

March 4th 2018
Module 1: Intention. Posture. Balance.
Exploring the foundations of human movement in body and mind. 

Created for those starting something new, needing to rebalance, those wanting to improve their posture, or experiencing tension and pain. 

Sunday March 11th 2018
Module 2: Energy. Stress. Sleep. 
Exploring stress, adaptation, the creation and restoration of energy.

Created for those wanting to adapt to stress better, or experiencing fatigue, sleep & immunity issues.

Sunday March 18th 2018
Module 3: Gut. Liver. Digestion. 
Exploring gut health, nutrition, our capacity to assimilate, detox and release. 

Created for those with digestive issues, and those with questions on gut health and nutrition. 

Sunday March 25th 2018
Module 4: Mind. Heart. Breath. 
Exploring the relationship between the breath, mind & heart. 
Created for those wanting to learn tools for relaxation and deepen their experience of yogic breathwork and meditation.

This will be a dynamic, insightful, practical workshop every Sunday in March. Interested? Learn more here »