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Enerchi Medical Clinic specialise in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs, Osteopathy, Counselling Services, and holistic health.

Debunking Myths about TCM

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Debunking Myths about TCM

Ella Davies

Have you heard about acupuncture or Chinese Medicine, but don't really know what it's about? Perhaps you have heard about it and the thought of needles reminds you of not-so-enjoyable vacinnations as a child. Chinese Medicine has been around for thousands of years, yet there are still so many misconceptions about it, expecially in Australia. 


Encouragingly, researchers are now applying scientific processes to this enduring medicine, with more and more trials being published every month. Dr Lea Zarnowski (TCM) spent some time answering some common questions that we get about Chinese Medicine on her blog, read about it here!

Dr Lea Zarowski (TCM) sees clients at Enerchi at various times throughout the week. If you'd like to make an appointment with her contact us today.