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Enerchi Medical Clinic specialise in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs, Osteopathy, Counselling Services, and holistic health.


Chinese Herbs

Dr Ruth Brunt (TCM)
Dr Shannon Gibson (TCM)
Dr Helen Lichtenstein (TCM)
Dr Stephanie Luxton (TCM) 
Dr Chamundi Phoenix (TCM)

Chinese Herbs


The first recorded book on Chinese Herbs was written around 3000BC. Herbal knowledge grew in a more or less continuous manner through Chinese Empirical research over the following centuries and continues to do so as it blossoms in both eastern and western cultures today.

Chinese herbs are categorised into groups depending on their function and action when taken, rather than their botanic name. Among the many groups within this system there are herbs for regulating energy, easing rheumatism, reducing anxiety, treating ulcers and tumors, and much, much more. Medicinal Chinese herbs include hundreds of different varieties such as tuberous roots, grains, seeds, tree bark and the stems, flowers and fruit of various plants, as well as their leaves. Chinese herbs even include minerals like gypsum, alum and even certain clays. 

When prescribing herbs, Chinese Herbalists will rarely prescribe just one single herb. Herbal formulas are made of a measured balance between a number of herbs that, when used together, bring about a particular curative effect.

At Enerchi, we have an extensive dispensary of herbs built up over more than three decades. This allows our Herbalists the unique ability to tailor the prescription to the specific individuals needs of the client.